Located in Lake City, Michigan, Third Day Farm promises to be no ordinary farm–hallelujah! Vitally important to our farms mission are these essential ingredients:

We feel this simple, dynamic recipe is a guideline by which to cultivate the kind of farm that resonates with our values. Together we LEARN and teach what God has shown us is viable for sustaining life. By sharing with LOVE we are able to GIVE the knowledge and joy of growing food rich in nutrients–food nourishing for the body and spirit–as it was intended.

Our food is REAL FOOD–and we mean NO synthetic taste or qualities. We specialize in  growing REAL peppers, REAL garlic, REAL heirloom tomatoes, though our offerings are constantly expanding. Our tomatoes are no ordinary tomatoes–they’re REAL heirloom tomatoes–not a one genetically modified or imbibed with the cells of another animal or plant. Nor do we use pesticides, so your food is green clean and eats worry-free.

Our livestock is raised without genetically modified feed. Our beef, pork, chicken, goat, duck–all of our carnivorous offerings–come from animals that have lived REAL lives, healthily and wholly with nature.

Come! Let us share what we are learning. Share with us what you know. If you prefer, take in the peaceful surroundings of the farm. Let the good earth clear your mind. Visit with the animals, tour the greenhouses or request a fresh salad blend be cut for your dinner. Light on cash, heavy in morels? We love creative barters and trade. After all, this is no ordinary farm, as we mentioned–we mean what we grow and we love what we do!