At 3rd Day Farm, we rely on mentorship and education for guidance. Because our faith is a critical source of inspiration, our primary mentor, teacher and guide is God. Through his miraculous work in nature, He has shown us what is required not only to restore the earth, but the ingredients necessary to reestablish vitality to the human body through the earth’s bounty. This is done by supplying the body with clean water and air, and the proper nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, abundant on the earth surface. In non-industrialized nations, whole communities exist immune to the common disease of the modern era such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.¬†Living by the land, their food and environment is free from synthetic chemicals and preservatives. While their food stays nutrient dense, their bodies remain vital well beyond what is conventional believed possible.
A second and vital component to our operation is the support of Craig Schaff, a farmer from Kaleva, Michigan. Our paths crossed after a friend handed Bob a stack of literature and encouraged him to read Craig’s work. When we finally had a chance to see Craig’s farm, we were deeply inspired by what we witnessed–a series of sliding greenhouses, carrots reaching nearly two feet in length, and the integration of minerals and compost in soil maintenance. Beyond Craig’s growing successes, his message resonated deeply as he encouraged us to place our faith in God and utilize prayer for His guidance.

Like many organic farmers, we also draw inspiration from two pioneers in the organic farming movement–Eliot Coleman, an authority on cold climate, year-round growing, and leader in organic farming, and John Jeavons, founder of the Grow Biointestive movement. Collectively, our mentors play a vital role in providing the solid foundation for 3rd Day Farm. Combined with spiritual guidance, the mentorship of experienced farmers and organic pioneers, we gather momentum towards our grand opening in the spring of 2013.