• Heirloom tomato’s (every color of the rainbow!)

• Heirloom variety’s of garlic and more.
Our 7 varieties of Shiitake and 6 varieties of Oyster mushrooms are popping!

• Hot peppers from around the world

• Bell peppers

• Cabbage

• Eggplant

• Greens (Kale, chard, collards, salads, parslane, etc)
Our salad mix is unique with over 20 different kinds of greens. Bite in and taste horseradish, cloves, peanuts, spicy, not hot, butter and more. The tastes collide and burst in your mouth with awesome flavors. I no longer use salad dressings, just olive oil.

• Regular and French style green, yellow and purple beans

• Assorted Carrots

• Beets

• Assorted Radishes

• Assorted squash

• Broccoli

• Celery

• Assorted potatoes

• Cut flowers

• We have planted 1000 raspberries, 500 strawberries, 300 asparagus, 50 blueberry, 20 elderberry’s and 42 assorted apple, peach and pear trees.

3RD DAY FARM also has it’s own maple syrup, honey, eggs, and homemade goats milk soaps.