CSA with 3rd Day!!


You are part of 3rd day farm when becoming a CSA shareholder.  You have a vested interest. You are supporting locally grown produce, meats and so much more. We want you to enjoy the farm as much as we do; after all, you are helping to build it better.

What does your money do? It buys soil block mix, seeds, compost, rock powder amendments, sea kelp, bees, non-gmo feeds for the Alpaca’s, cows, goats, chickens and pigs. It buys passive heat sources, fencing materials, soap making supplies etc. It allows 3rd Day Farm the means to bless needy families and local food pantries.

We truly believe God blessed us with 3rd Day Farm so we could bless others, not only with fresh food but with knowledge to be sustainable in our local community. Give a man a salad and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to grow a salad and he will know how to feed his family for a lifetime.



TIMING: 18 weeks. 2015 shares start June 12th and run thru October 9th.
We will be starting some of our plants in soil blocks the end of January in our seedling greenhouse, insuring early veggies for shareholders.

PICKUP: Each Friday you pick up your share between  4:00pm & 6:00pm at the farm unless you make other arrangements. For instance, if you prefer another day or meet at one of our drop off sites. We understand circumstances that may save gas and mileage.

CONTAINS: Each share will consist of various produce, meat and other offerings when in season and available each week.

• In season produce

  •  5 pounds of beef, pork or chicken. We will work with you on the meats.
  •  1 dozen non-gmo free-range eggs.
  •  Goats milk soap
  • Honey, maple syrup and flower bouquets.
  •  1-Bushel canning tomatoes in season.
  • assorted Shiitake, Oyster and Nameko mushrooms

“The Farm” share also allows you and a guest free admittance to our classes: Beginner Beekeeper, Soap Making, and Beginner Farming. On average, a basic share is a 35% savings from farmer’s market prices. “The Farm” shareholders may also buy extra produce, honey, maple syrup, soap, and meats at a 20% discount when available.

PRICE: $1200 for the whole CSA season.


TIMING: runs all year long and rolls over if needed.

This share is unique.

You invest in advance, we will give you produce and products at your convenience

at our store in Lake City or at 3rd Day Farms Farmers market stall.

• $500.00 we will give you $550.00 worth of product and produce

• $1000.00, equals $1150.00 in product

• $2000.00 equals $2200.00 in product

Your investment is supporting the farm and the community. Each time you shop, your purchases are debited from your investment account. If you run through your investment, you may purchase another “3rd Day” share.  If you don’t use all of your money you may roll them into the next year or roll it into a ”Farm” share for the next year.


TIMING: runs all year long.

This share supports our community in another way. It is a onetime share or multiple weeks. This share is for a named person or entity.  You pick the dollar amount and the recipient that will receive “Community Gift” share. This gift can remain anonymous or a card can be attached letting the recipient know whom it is from.

CONTAINS: You can make a recommendation as to what you would like to see in the share or we will do this for you. See offerings in the “Farm” share.

PICKUP: 3rd Day Farm will deliver the share within 25 miles or you may deliver it. 3rd Day Farm will not charge any boxing, mileage or handling fees for “Community Gift” share. This is our gift to them and you.

Consider 3rd Day Farm: 3rd Day Farm accepts gifts of any kind, at this time we have no monetary paid employees. Our workers are volunteers and some work for food. They have a passion to learn and grow with 3rd Day Farm. They also have a passion to grow healthy, certified naturally grown produce and meats.  We are looking to the future as to where God will lead all of us. Our vision is chemical free fruit varieties along with our vegetables and meats. We also welcome your time and talent.

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